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Best for Fortnite Fans

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition



$14.88 (26% off)

There are so many different spins on the classic game of Monopoly, but this one is inspired by his favorite video game. In the Fortnite edition, players don’t need to focus on money — instead, they collect health point chips to try and survive the longest. 

2 Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School



This LEGO set combines traditional building kits with augmented reality. Our lab experts love how the Hidden Side collection turns the classic toy into an interactive story. All he has to do is build the high school from the ground up, then use his tablet to watch it all come to life. It comes with over 1,400 pieces!

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Inflatable Lounger



This super popular air hammock doesn’t require a pump to be inflated — all your 13-year-old boy has to do is move it back and forth to fill it up. It folds up into a pouch and weighs about two pounds, so it’s also super easy to transport. 


Best Handheld Video Game




What makes this video game system so great is that teens can easily switch from playing at home to playing on-the-go. Nintendo claims the battery life should last anywhere from four and half to nine hours, depending on the game being played. 


Best STEM Toy

Arcade Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits


$36.86 (43% off)

If your teen boy is into electronics and games (and who isn’t?), he can build his own arcade using circuits, connectors, and more. The possibilities are basically endless because there are over 200 different projects (with instructions) for him to build out and experiment with. 

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The Mind Card Game

Pandasaurus Games


$7.99 (38% off)

This super popular card game has only one rule: no one can talk while playing. The whole point is for all players to act as one and play their cards in order from one to 100. Reviewers say that even though it seems simple, everyone will be talking about it for days after playing.


Best Gift Under $20

“I Paused My Game to Be Here” Shirt

Ann Arbor T-shirt Co.


You know how hard it is to get kids his age to look away from their screens, so this funny printed tee is sure to give the whole family a good laugh. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, from a child small to an adult XXX-large.



The Original Guitar Pick Punch

Pick Punch


$19.95 (20% off)

If he’s always losing his guitar picks, this highly rated gift on Amazon can turn just about any material (think: used gift cards, old hotel keys, etc.) into a DIY guitar pick. Not only is it a practical gift for the musician in your life, but it’s also quite fun to make the picks. 


Best Gift Under $30

The Logo Board Game

Spin Master Games


Some friendly competition with his pals never hurts. This family-friendly game comes with over a thousand trivia questions to see how much he really knows about the most popular brands and logos. For each question answered correctly, players move a space on the board. Whoever reaches the end first is the winner.

10 Bluetooth Wireless Smart Beanie



Trying to wear headphones and a hat is usually awkward and uncomfortable. This winter, his ears can stay warm and toasty without sacrificing the ability to listen to his favorite playlists for up to five hours. Plus, it’s washable as long as you take out the battery and speaker from the velcro slot.

11 Express HD Streaming Media Player



$24.00 (20% off)

With a Roku, your 13-year-old boy can stream tons of movies, shows, and sports games from various services without any bulky equipment or cable fees. Bonus: he gets three free months of Pandora and Hulu with this. 

12 Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

4EST Shades


These special glasses are perfect for all of the screen addicts out there. They claim to block 97% of the harmful blue light that comes from computers, phones, TV screens, and more, which can help prevent eye strain and improve sleep. 


Best Drone for Beginners

818 Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera

Altair Aerial


$159.80 (20% off)

Drones are the hottest gaming trend in recent years, especially for older kids and teens. This model from Altair Aerial takes live video while in the air and flies for 15 minutes on each battery (it comes with two). 


Best Convertible Laptop

Chromebook Spin 11



$258.89 (22% off)

This Chromebook easily converts from a laptop to a tablet, making it great for teens because they can use it for homework, gaming, artwork, and more. Our lab experts note that it’s super rugged, so it can withstand drops and resist water. 

15 Men’s Cloudfoam Ultimate



Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers are known for being super comfortable — they feel breathable and mold to your feet. Your teen can easily wear them from school to sports practice without having sore feet by the end of the day. 

16 Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker



Our lab experts love many of Anker’s high-quality tech products, so this super-portable bluetooth speaker is no different. It claims to have a great battery life with 24 hours of playtime — that’s about 500 songs, give or take. It’s small and lightweight enough for your boy to take it on-the-go and stash in his backpack. 

17 Ship in a Bottle



$55.99 (20% off)

If he’s moved on from the traditional sense of LEGOs (a.k.a. just playing around), then he can build something he’s really proud of with this model ship kit. It’s complete with a captain’s quarters, cannons, and sails, so it’s great for putting on display in his room

18 Charging Hub



Give him a place to charge all of his devices at once. This charging hub lets him plug in his iPhone, Apple Watch, and  so he never has to worry about leaving the house with a low battery. All he needs to do is insert charging cables through the designated slots.


Best Gift Card

Gift Card



Short on time and still not sure what to get him? Send him a virtual gift card with any amount from $25 to $100 so he can buy all of his gaming supplies and electronics. P.S.: You can schedule the delivery via email up to a year in advance

20 Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

J.K. Rowling


$57.99 (33% off)

If he’s getting sick of borrowing the local library’s copies, then he needs a complete collection of Harry Potter books to call his own. This set comes with all seven books in the series that follows Harry, Ron, and Hermione throughout their years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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Best Gift Under $30

Complete 22″ Skateboard



$29.99 (70% off)

Amazon reviewers say this skateboard is great for all ages and abilities. It’s the perfect size for getting him to and from school without taking up a ton of space. Plus, it comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns (like this cool ). 


Best Gift Under $10

Blank Comic Book


This affordable gift contains 100+ pages of comic book strips. It even has conversation bubbles, so he can practice his drawing skills and create his own scenes down to the dialogue. 

23 Print Pullover Hoodie



If his school sweatshirts are starting to look worn-out, a new hoodie is the perfect way to help him look a bit more presentable. The galaxy patterns are digitally printed so the design appears detailed. It’s also available in a bunch of other patterns to match his style.

24 Genesis Mini



If he loves video games but already has all the latest consoles, then he will appreciate this miniature replica of the classic video game console SEGA Genesis. It comes with 42 games built-in, so he can start playing as soon as he plugs it in. 

25 Do Not Disturb Socks



These hilarious socks make for a perfect stocking stuffer or affordable gift for teen boys since they only cost $9. Just make sure you can get him to put down the video games long enough to open presents during the holidays.

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