The national Fame and Shame Awards is run by an online network of parents who focus on improving the food and activity environments of Australian children and the votes have been counted.

Parents’ Voice, now in their 15th year, have released their annual Fame and Shame winners list for 2019.

The awards point out unhealthy food marketing with the aim to spread public awareness of the targeting of children by food and drink companies. It further puts the spotlight on the failure of the advertising industry to self-regulate its messaging.

But its not all bad news, the awards also feature two categories that celebrate the best in healthy eating and physical activity advertising targeting children.

The Kellogg’s ad featured Benita Collings from Play School. Image: YouTube

The ‘winners’ are selected following voting by parents, and McDonald’s and Kellogg’s were both shamed in two categories respectively

This year we feel that the combination of pester power and packaging is really strong, with Kellogg’s picking up the Pester Power category with a simple image of their limited edition Froot Loops packages (Unicorn, Mermaid and Baby Shark).

Kellogg’s also won the not-so-coveted title of ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ for its Kellogg’s LCMs – ‘Light Up Their Afternoons’ campaign.

“It’s important to know that the advertising standards exempt packaging with compelling with the standard, so the processed food industry is free to target kids via packaging,” Campaigns Manager of Parents’ Voice Alice Pryor said.

McDonalds got two ticks of disapproval for its  ‘Happy Meal Social Videos’ and for ‘Macca’s on your team’ in its attempt to use sport to promote unhealthy food and drinks.

Conversely ALDI and Netball Australia were rewarded for their positive health messaging strategies in two of the ‘Fame’ categories.

You can see the full list of winners below:


Digital Ninja given to the brand which has used digital media in the most obvious way to target children, gaining their attention, driving active participation in the brand and encouraging pester power.

Winner: McDonald’s – ‘Happy Meal Social Videos’

Smoke and Mirrors awarded for the use of misleading claims on children’s foods that make an unhealthy product appear healthier than it is.

Winner: Kellogg’s LCMs – ‘Light Up Their Afternoons’

Pester Power awarded to the food marketing campaign that uses techniques which appeal to children, leading to them nagging their parents for unhealthy foods.

Winner: Kellogg’s – Froot Loops – ‘Limited Edition Packaging’

Image: Kellogg’s

Foul Sport for a company, team or athlete who uses sport to promote unhealthy food and drinks to influence children.

Winner: McDonald’s Australia – Macca’s on your team

Bother Boards, given to the brand which has used interactive billboards in shopping centres, indoors and outdoors, to influence children.

Winner: Smith’s Snackfood – Doritos and Spiderman tie in


Parents’ Choice – Food congratulates a food advertisement that promotes healthy eating to children in a fun and appealing way.

Winner: ALDI/Miniroos – Sam Kerr

Parents’ Choice – Physical Activity awarded to an advertisement that encourages children to get moving.

Winner: Netball Australia/Suncorp – Team Girls

Parents’ Voice represents thousands of Australian parents, carers, and health professionals and was formed in 2004. It is supported by Diabetes Victoria, VicHealth and YMCA Victoria.

Featured image: Kellogg’s

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