MIAMI, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Meltdown Station, under the guidance of founder Ivette Cortiella, has created a fitness program to combat obesity in children and adults. “The goal of the program is to reverse the trend toward childhood obesity,” explains Ms.Cortiella. “This issue can feel like too much to handle, especially when parents and children do not have access to the proper resources to combat obesity safely and enjoyably. Curriculums at school have changed, fast food is all around us and children stay indoors playing video games on the couch, increasing obesity rates dramatically.”

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Meltdown Station’s solution to obesity is to bring fun, safe, and affordable fitness activities to our local communities. This is accomplished using brick and mortar locations and/or full fitness mobile gyms for children and teens. This program brings kids a fun and safe way to get moving, make friends, and lose weight.

These programs are not designed to shame kids into trying to look a certain way or weigh a certain amount, but rather to help them get into better shape with circuit training machines and fun interactive VR games. Meltdown Station focuses on providing educational material and a place where children can strengthen themselves physically and emotionally while learning self-confidence, positive body image, and personal motivation. The goal is to teach and instill in children healthy lifestyle skills that can be carried on into adulthood.

With the assistance of some of the foremost local doctors and nutritionists in the field of childhood obesity, Ms.Cortiella developed her own fitness video line, as well as formulated FDA-approved multivitamins, protein shakes, nutrition bars, and meal plans for children as young as 5 years old. Her vision is for children and parents to have access to fitness and nutrition programs throughout the nation where they can get the guidance and education they need to transform their lives – teaching them how to exercise, eat properly, cook healthy meals, and be aware of obesity as a health issue.

Ms. Cortiella’s, programs have proven results. She’s been recognized by cities and governments, and won awards from Disney, the University of Miami, and more. She’s met with Kathy Ireland on CBS, as well as interviewed with her personally in January 2017 at her studio in Los Angeles. The Meltdown Station program is her next step in helping to take back control of children’s’ weight-related health. Meltdown Station is proud to offer their business model and proven formula as a franchise opportunity for who are interested in joining us to combat the ever rising issue of obesity in kids.

As a Hispanic/ Latina female business owner, Ms. Cortiella is aware of the challenges faced by lower income kids needing to receive nutrition and a safe place to exercise, and is working to change that each and every day. The hope is to provide not only nutrition and exercise, but a safe place for children to learn and grow with children of all walks of life, and to help bring people together as one human race.

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