The Live with Kelly and Ryan star follows a healthy diet and doesn’t drink alcohol

Kelly Ripa’s daily diet revealed. The Live with Kelly and Ryan star follows a healthy diet and doesn’t drink alcohol

Kelly Ripa is renowned for her slim figure and has spoken over the years about her healthy lifestyle, which includes regular workout sessions and clean eating.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan star has also stopped drinking alcohol, which has helped her maintain her slender physique.

However, the former All My Children star is also not afraid to treat herself, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live in July, the star joked that she had been straying away from her strict routine. “I eat solid food. I am not on an all-liquid diet, I’m on an all-carbohydrate diet,” she said.

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What does Kelly Ripa eat for breakfast?

Kelly Ripa has an early start, getting up as early as 4.30am during the days she presents Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The star previously told Bon Appetit that she doesn’t eat breakfast before she finishes recording the show. She said: “At the host chat desk, I’ll have a triple shot skim latte… I find that if I eat beforehand, I’m just making digesting sounds.”

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Kelly Ripa’s daily diet is incredibly healthy – but she has cheat days too!

The star has a sweet tooth, and enjoys indulging in a healthy ‘chocolate’ chia seed pudding for breakfast. This includes blending together coconut water, pitless dates, cacao, cashew nuts and coconut oil.

Kelly is also a fan of protein bars, telling Good Housekeeping: “After work, I’ll have a protein bar and some flaxseed snacks… for a snack, I always have Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. I cannot give them up.”

Kelly treats herself to a cooked breakfast at the weekend

On Sundays, Kelly cooks breakfast for herself and husband Mark Consuelos and their children. Talking to Bon Appetit, she said:

“On Sunday, it’s a full hot breakfast. They’re not fat-free, but they’re delicious.”

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What does Kelly Ripa eat for lunch? 

For lunch, Kelly normally has a salad or yogurt and blueberries, although the star admitted the way she likes to serve her yogurt isn’t popular with her kids.

She told Bon Appetit: “Non-fat Greek yogurt. Even though my children don’t enjoy it the way I do — unless I put honey and granola and make it look like some parfait — it’s a must. Also: half-and-half. For the most part, Mark and I have very clean diets. But we love cream in our coffee.

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Kelly and Mark Consuelos are both fans of clean eating

“We also always have leeks in the fridge. My kids love leeks. It’s that vegetable that you would be surprised children would like, but they love it.”

What does Kelly Ripa eat for dinner?

For dinner, Kelly typically eats salad or soup. “At dinner, I eat a ton of vegetables – and a salad, soup, or a light piece of fish,” she told Good Housekeeping.

“I try not to have too much cheese or too many high-fat foods, even though I love them.

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The Live with Kelly and Ryan star works out every day

“I would love nothing more than to have pizza and French fries every day, but I try to limit those treats to once a week.”

Does Kelly Ripa drink alcohol?

Kelly revealed that she had stopped drinking alcohol in 2017 during an interview with People. “I did a sober month – all my girlfriends did it, we all did it together – I just never went back to it,” she said. “It felt great, I felt like I looked great, I felt like I didn’t feel hungover.”

How often does Kelly Ripa workout?

Kelly works out seven days a week. The star told People: “So much of my life has been devoted to having the perfect diet, having excellent nutrition, having a fitness routine I can get behind and practice every day, and I do, I exercise seven days a week. I rarely have a cheat day, diet-wise.”

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