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The new trend in today’s fitness market is fitness trackers. And the reason for this trend is because they can actively track and monitor your fitness on the go. The Fitbit and it’s competitors can calculate your total steps in a day and come up with the amount of calories lost within that period. However, for parents, this is one watch that has helped them monitor their child’s health. Apart from counting steps, a Fitbit can also help monitor a child’s health. You can also help them set fitness goals, execute them, and monitor their fitness progress actively.

While it may be a little challenging to choose one because of the numerous options available on the market, our review will help make your decision much easier.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of kids having Fitbit?

    Answer: Technology has become a significant part of our society and an integral part of our kids’ lives. This is where Fitbits come in handy. Some of the benefits you can expect from your child using this device include: Turning mundane activities into tones of fun. Challenges like cycling, running, and swimming become more than a game, thanks to a Fitbit. Children love having colorful gadgets and having such a tool makes it easier for them to love watches. The band can track your child’s activity, sleep, heart rate, and amount of calories lost with every workout.

  2. How do I Choose the right Fitbit for my child?

    Answer: Choosing the right Fitbit for your kid depends on the following factors: Age Appropriateness: With every stage in life, children develop different desires and interests. For children who are six years and above, go for a Fitbit that has colorful designs, accessories, fun features, and accessories. Parental Controls: Every Fitbit watch has an app that parental view of the Fitbit Band. The app allows you to track all your kids’ activities and locations. Durability: Kids are prone to destroying stuff faster than adults. Therefore, make sure you invest in a wristband that’s sturdy and durable. Water resistance: Make sure the Fitbit band you choose to purchase that’s water-resistant, as your child will most likely splash or spill items on the watch.

  3. Are Fitbits suitable for kids?

    Answer: Yes, Fitbits are suitable for kids. However, make sure that your kid is eight years and above, as this is the recommended age for the use of Fitbits.

Our Top Picks

Fitbit Ace 2

  • Can monitor your child’s physical activities
  • Colorful bands
  • Animated clock faces
  • Water resistance

This is the latest edition to the Fitbit family in 2020. It comes in three fun colors—monochrome grape, teal, and watermelon combination, and a neon yellow and night sky combination. The watch also has animated clock faces that your kid can customize accordingly. If you’re looking for Fitbit that comes with fun incentives and enough challenges to engage your child fully, then this is that Fitbit. The band is also water-resistant, meaning your child can still have it on while in the shower or swimming pool.

PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch

  • Comes with an in-built camera
  • Fun games
  • Flashlight
  • Easy to operate

The PROGRACE kids smartwatch is more than just a smartwatch, as it incorporates other features that can be quite fun for your little one. This watch has an in-built camera, FM radio, a flashlight, and engaging games. Unlike the Fitbit band, this watch isn’t waterproof, meaning that your kid has to remove it every time they get into contact with water. Another significant feature of this smartwatch is its calorie and pedometer counter, making it easier for you to monitor your child’s physical activity.

Fitbit Charge 3

  • Perfect for older kids
  • Outstanding design
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Can automate phone notifications

If you have a kid who is quite active and loves working on their fitness, they might find Fitbit charge 3 quite helpful. This fitness band is advanced and comes with tons of features that can prove to be quite helpful in a child’s fitness journey. It can track your child’s calorie burn, monitor their heart rate, track sleep stages, and provide personalized guidance. The best part is that your child can automate their phone notifications directly to the smartwatch. This ensures they are up to date with everything, despite being out for a run.

Trendy Pro Fitness

  • Anti-loss function
  • Easy to use
  • Tracks activities
  • Alarm clock functionalities

The trendy pro fitness tracker comes with several features that are exceptionally rewarding for your child’s healthy lifestyle. The watch even goes the extra mile by adding a bracelet for your child once you purchase the fitness tracker. This band is also water and sweat resistant, and this makes it possible for your child to enjoy the shower while still wearing the watch. It also gives your child a healthy direction by offering them constant reminders to stay hydrated and exercise throughout the day.

Fitbit Inspire 3

  • Perfect for older kids
  • Healthy insights
  • Customizable exercise modes
  • Premium looks

Last up is the Fitbit Inspire 3 that has a perfectly slim and simple design that is meant to fit your older kids perfectly. While it may not have the essential smartphone feature, it has all the fitness necessities your child can require. With it, your child can track their steps, sleep pattern, calorie burn, and food logging. They can also customize the watch depending on the exercises they perform. Your child can set targets and get real-time guidance on how to accomplish each target. The best part about it is that your child gets to choose from several available designs that are quite outstanding for any child.

While you’re shopping around for products to keep your family healthy, check out our kid’s multivitamin reviews – as for the fitbit you select today, your kids should be using it every day. Therefore, ensure you choose one that perfectly suits your child’s needs. It should also come with several features that can turn any fitness activity into lots of fun. And, the more you encourage your child, the easier it becomes for your child to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle. After all, isn’t that the life we all desire for our kids.