Nic Bescoby, from Rochdale, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss how she raises her kids George, eight, and Ellie, seven, and Amy, six.


Mum-of-three Nic Bescoby revealed she lets her kids choose their own bed and meal timesCredit: GMB/ITV

Nic said that George has been allowed to pick his own bed and meal times since he was around three years old, and said she “didn’t want to make them anxious” by choosing for her kids. 

She revealed that the oldest kids don’t go to school and instead learn to read through the videogame Minecraft and from “reading street signs.”

Her “gentle parenting” style didn’t sit well with many viewers, who were quick to take to Twitter to label it “lazy and dangerous”.

Nic told hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard: “George learned to read and write by pointing at signs and over time got vocabulary.


Nic said her kids are happy having no set routine or rulesCredit: GMB/ITV


Nic said that George has been allowed to pick his own bed and meal times since he was around three years old. Pictured with sister EllieCredit: GMB/ITV

“Ellie is learning to read through  a game and through minecraft or when they want to write cards to her friends. I’m not training them for a 9-5 job.

“It’s working together on mutual respect. The girls tend to go to bed around 9 to 11pm and George will go to bed when he’s ready.”

Kate asked the mum how her children will learn about sleeping patterns, and healthy eating, as well as socialising. 

Nic argued: “The home education community is great. I think we’re teaching them social skills more than if they saw the same people at school every day.”


The eldest two kids are home-schooled, and are taught how to read using MinecraftCredit: GMB/ITV

And she hit back at claims of being lazy, saying: “It’s not laziness! It’s much more work. I work from home and homeschool them and find all the answers to the questions myself. 

“The lazier option is to say ‘you have to do as I say’.

“The society we’re in now will change, we need out of the box thinkers who are free thinkers, we need children who can be creative otherwise we’re not teaching them to think for themselves.


Nic told hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard that George learned to read and write by pointing at signsCredit: GMB/ITV

“The curriculum is available for them and whoever wants it.”

Blogger Nic, who raises her kids with ex-partner, factory worker Kyle Dex, 32, was raised conventionally herself, but said mainstream school took the fun out of learning.

That, coupled with the fact she was bullied by other pupils, meant she was keen to choose a more Bohemian upbringing for her children.


Nic said the kids are learning more social skills than if they saw the same people at school every day Credit: GMB/ITV

Viewers took to social media to give their views on Nic’s parenting technique, and many were shocked at their family life. 

One said: “This woman is delusional if she believes her parenting technique will not have an affect on those children later…we live in a society with rules, timetables and structure….you won’t change that letting your children do what they want”.

“Her kids learn to read by playing Minecraft and reading signs. WOW. Just WOW!”

And another said: “What about when these children are older and have to go to work? No qualifications. No routines. No discipline. Lazy. Poor kids don’t stand a chance.”

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