Self-care during pandemic: 5 ways to boost immunity, feel happier amid COVID-19 crisis

Self-care during pandemic: 5 ways to boost immunity, feel happier amid COVID-19 crisis  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

“Washing hands and socially distancing for survival”. That is what the global pandemic surrounding the nation has come down to! Yes, people are dying – all because they became the carrier to the community spread of the novel coronavirus. And with more number being announced daily, provoking not just physically healthy but also triggering anxiety, stress, and depression.

Kids are back from school. Most workplaces are shut. People gatherings are cancelled. Grocery shelves are emptying. This global pandemic is affecting our lives in big and small ways. Of course, there is a lot of fear, grief, and stress in the air. But as part of a community, we have the responsibility to live through this time while isolating in our homes and taking care of not just physical health but our mental state and emotional space too.

Practice self-care

From optimal sleep to eating right, exercising, and staying active, the isolation has bestowed ample time upon you for your self-care. From waking up in the morning in time, exercising for 45 minutes, eating healthy breakfasts to self-care practices like meditation, reading, hydrating and beauty therapies – one can uplift their mood and day in little things around them. In times like these, its important to upkeep a healthy schedule for the day that includes exercise, active lifestyle, good food, and happy times.

Keep calm and carry on

When you can’t control what’s happening around you, change the way you respond to it. Given the situations, one is sure to experience anxiety, fear, and panic. But the key to surviving the pandemic lies in keeping calm and maintaining health. Stress, anxiety, etc, bring your immune system down and certainly isn’t doing any good for your wellness. Take the measures to protect yourself, practice hygiene and believe that the pandemic shall soon go away. It’s time to indulge in some entertainment or meditation to stabilise mood and keep calm.

Immunity boosters

The key to survival isn’t just about social distancing and isolation, it’s also about uplifting your health and living. Resort to herbs like tulsi, mulethi, turmeric, ginger, etc, to stimulate the immune system and build it up strong. Include more salads, probiotics, protein, and vitamins in your diet to make yourself ready to fight against this deadly virus.

Practice yoga

Yoga, being an art balancing the body, mind, and soul has the power to uplift physical health, emotional balance, and mental wellness. Practice yoga daily to tend to your feelings, address your emotions and get your core stronger. As you meditate, shift from one asana to another, notice your breaths and being – you fight through fear and achieve a sense of calm.

Stay away from the buzz

It is good to know about the prevailing situations outside, like the updates on lockdown, how the country is flaring through the tough times, etc, but one needs to draw the line when the surge in numbers become overwhelming. Indeed, it is important to cut away from the constant buzz of the news channels, social media, unchecked forwards and endless memes. Unauthorised information or too many updates can make you mentally and emotionally tired. Instead, opt to read a new book, watch a movie, or play games with the people at home.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has left us in a state of panic and stress. But this is the time you should utilise to fight through the pandemic, build the immune system, encourage self-care and come out happy and fear-free. You can do this. We all can. Let’s get started!


Dr Manoj Kutteri is a guest contributor. Views expressed are personal.